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Engage with senior architects in NYC and software
engineers in your time zone

What We Do

The key to building great products is having an experienced and reliable software engineering team across many different technologies. Whether your project is on mobile, web or newer technologies like virtual reality, we have your back.

How We Work with You

Our senior technology architects in NYC serve as your onshore point of contact. And our nearshore team is located in your time zone and work on your schedule.

We work with our clients in one of two ways:

Team Extension:

Some clients prefer to manage their software team internally by integrating additional talent. Choose from a variety of skill levels working in your time zone for cost-effective support.

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Fixed Price Projects:

When a vision has already been established and a start-to-finish package is required, choose a more defined approach to execute all or a portion of the assignment.

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4 Pillars

We bring together engineering, innovation and design
by focusing on our four pillars:

01.Our Team

From startups to global brands, our customers count on our expertise in software engineering, data science and project management.

02.Agile Methodology

A value-driven approach that enables our project managers to deliver high-priority, high-quality work.


From Project Managers to Senior Architects to Junior Developers, all levels of staff are available to supplement your existing team or execute long-term projects.


We embrace creativity and teamwork in order to build a culture that promotes collaborative innovation to leverage emerging technologies.

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Transforming the way our clients analyze, compare and share their
information to create cutting edge digital products

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